Burning Chalice of Deceit

Date: 1,996,689 – 1,996,707 A.D. (Gregorian), P.W. 25,946 – 26,006 (Shango),  N.A. 2605 – 2611 (Qareen)
Location: several; starts and ends Spaceplane 435,657

N.A. 2605. The Qareen Confederation is a peaceful civilisation – internal order is lower than it has been for centuries, scientific progress continues apace, and external threats prove to be apparently minimal. If there are questions out there, they lie in the relative murkiness of the past. And no part of history looms larger than the wars which consumed two whole galaxies for decades.

Length: c. 10,500 words (equivalent to c. 30 pages printed)

Links here (or on the pages to the right of this one on the drop-down menu):
Part One
Part Two


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