Sure, there’s a Twitter page here, but with 140 characters it can be a slight struggle to get across any serious big news – so here’s a news page for when something big happens. Or even just, y’know, something that needs explaining.

June 2nd, 2011: OK, so there are two pieces of news to give here, one positive, the other not necessarily negative, but a bit of a downer.

Anyway, downer-news first: I’ve been writing this blog for ages now, or so it feels. It has, regardless of readership, been quite useful, partly as writing practice, and partly for shaping the universe of the Galactic Series, which is much more of a solid entity than the flabbily-defined space-opera business that it was beforehand.

Earlier in the process, I defined an endpoint of late 2012, or maybe even early 2013. The problem was, that was a huge commitment, and to get to where I am now (writing-wise) has meant producing a body of writing that’s essentially twice as long as anything else I’ve ever undertaken. In essence, it’s all gotten a bit much, and I’ve found myself increasingly slicing off whatever I judge to be the lesser ideas. I’ve also found that this huge monster of hypothetical text is essentially asking to be written first, before I move onto anything else. That too has proven to be annoying.

So it’s basically come to this: having charged through quite a few stories recently, and cut a lot of ideas, I’m not in a situation where I:

1. Have a buffer of several months, and
2. Am actually fairly close to the end of the whole shebang.

In practical terms, what this means is the blog will now end in early 2012, but this is a far, far easier promise to keep. I will soon be at a point where that buffer is close to six or seven months, depending on where I am with the main blog, and so I could probably work on something else during that time.

Anyway, this brings us slowly, painfully round to the good news: alongside the Qareen D./O.C./K.S., and the Dharan Digital Artifacts, I can now confirm the forthcoming Bhoot Legacy, which starts tomorrow, and the Stoppan-based Seven Seminal Discoveries, which starts next month. There’ll also be another novelette later in the year. So… yay.

April 25th, 2011: well, that’s the Bhoot done with until their proper series rolls around. The next four stories on the main blog will all be Qareen ones, and the next three will all be part of the Projects Trilogy; they’ll all be based on relatively unconventional residences (or at least, what the Qareen deem unconventional).

There’ll also be a novelette out next month, entitled Field of Blades, and another one out later in the year. I’m sticking to a maximum of three on that.

Februrary 18th, 2011: well, the Bhoot Trilogy is now done, so I thought I’d put up a poll. Because everyone likes polls, right?

February 12th, 2011: I now have the ideas for a main blog post up until December 2012, after which it won’t matter… because the blog ends, silly. Anyway, this means that only the Blue Star season of D./O.C./K.S. and the Shango series are completely unplanned. Otherwise I’ve got dozens of stories ready to be written, which is kinda frustrating. Still, the point is, this blog isn’t going to grind to a halt anytime soon.

January 19th, 2011: not really any news here, just a couple of items and thoughts. One is to look over the seven suggestions I gave before Xmas, where I seem to have definitely achieved six of them – the punning titles are here to stay, unfortunately. But what can I do? Change those titles? Not a chance.

The other thing was to consider this blog as a whole and ask, what’s the scope of this thing? How long will it all go on for? Having come to some conclusions, the wider conclusion I came to was that, yes, this will all end before I go mad with it, and depending on how quickly I write and post, that will be in either late 2012 or early 2013, with the final output in the high double figures. So, erm, no worries there then. We’re still closer to the start than the end.

December 17th, 2010: well, I’ll be back in the New Year (maybe before then, if I’m too impatient), but with the publication of “Vexing”, out comes the last story on this blog before Xmas. That said, I am looking towards 2011, in which I think I need the following:

1. Slightly more Qareen stories, given that, on the blog, the current split is 7-5 in favour of the Shango, with one story not really involving either.
2. Some sort of schedule, although I suspect once a month, whilst achievable, is not often enough, and once a fortnight, whilst also fairly achievable, feels pressurising. I’m therefore going for a semi-schedule of one guaranteed a month on the main blog. Around this one-a-month schedule may well be one-offs and other kinds of stories (see below)
3. Novelettes, i.e. longer pieces between 7,000 and 20,000 words that’d go on multi-page sections. “Vexing” is close to, if not at, the upper limit of how long a post can get. The first one planned is “Burning Chalice of Deceit” and it should be online in the New Year.
4. Better use of the timeline. Right now, there’s no late period Shango story, and there’s no Qareen story outside of the late period, which is downright bizarre. In fact, the Qareen stories thus far, barring “Dead Cities”, all coalesce around a short period between NA 2128 – 2154, when there’s 45 war (Qareen) years and 3,020 postwar years to set things in – in other words, 99.15% of available Qareen history is pretty much unused here.
5. Better use of space, for that matter: recently I discovered that I could not account for around 95% of the Qareen Confederacy/Confederation’s population. I also thought that I needed more about planet-dwelling Shango, but it turns out that, at most, they’re about 3% of the Federation. Oops.
6. Using fewer stealth puns as titles (“Up”, “Jack”, “Search”).
7. I’m thinking of having related series of short stories running alongside the largely stand-alone ones that have gone up so far.

If these are good ideas, terrible ideas or even just OK-ish ideas, feel free to comment here, or wherever I linked to here, or… wherever.

November 28th, 2010: there’s now two sites where I’ve managed to put up a listing for this blog: Muse’s Success and Web Fiction Guide. The latter gives a short review (well, “editor’s note”) that rates it three stars and states of the one story they read that “there was a lot of tech-speak, some of which sounded like it was pure fiction”.

I suspect the About page went unread.

Muse’s Success gives a 5.23 rating that is apparently weighted. I have no idea what this means in practical terms. The page that explains it throws up a 404.

Still, they’ve sent some traffic my way, and I’m linking to them, hence (slightly) returning the favour.

As for you, the existing reader – there should be three more stories due before Christmas.

November 19th, 2010: thus far, I’ve not run a schedule. Part of the reason for this was to avoid any kind of slip in the schedule, and the other reason was to simply get stories up on the site.

At least one of these concerns has now faded, and the former issue has also become a bit less pressing, too, and might well be one that can be resolved with the use of a suitably slow schedule. I’m therefore wondering about a semi-schedule that states one story on the second Friday of a month, along with the occasional extra one now and then.

More news about this when I make a damn decision.


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