This index shows main blog stories in chronological order, as well as the dominant or focused-on race in the story in question. Further indexes sorted by various categories, e.g. by publication order, might be introduced in the future. Novelettes and series are not shown – for those, see the relevant page sections. [asp] = advised starting point; whilst  there is no proper starting point for the blog, these stories are probably easiest for beginners.

Intersection Wars:
Train (Shango)

Aftermath (Shango) – [asp]
The Malevolent Laughter of Hegemony by Magnitudes (Dharans)
Heads, Tails or Edge (Qareen)
So The Gods Must Be X (Shango)
The Fighter-Dwellers (Qareen)
Moveworld (Qareen)
Vexing (Shango)

Mass Times Acceleration (Qareen) – [asp]
Starboard (Shango)
Search (Shango/Stoppan)
Dual Core (Shango)
Gathering Apart (Shango)
To (Shango) – [asp]

Bhoot Trilogy: (all Qareen/Bhoot)



Late Period:
P.L.C. (Qareen)
The Sport of Presidents (Qareen)
Dead Cities (Qareen)


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