Field of Blades

Date: (mid-period)
Location: outside the galaxies

For Shango and Qareen alike, there is one mystery that rules them all, one that stretches right back to the Wars: what of the visitors, who called themselves humans, and came from a single planet they named Earth? Known to be millions of light years away, deep into Dharan space, such a mission would take decades, if not hundreds of years, to negotiate; such a mission would be ambitious beyond anything the Shango Federation has seen. But one man has that ambition; one man has that determination; one man will indeed discover what it takes to answer that driving question.

Length: c. 11,000 words (equivalent to c. 32 pages printed)

Links here (or on the pages to the right of this one on the drop-down menu):

Part One
Part Two
Part Three


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