Full name: Qareen Confederacy
Size: an estimated 1 million Spaceplanes and 1 million planets significantly populated, along with various other population centres. Some 95% of the galaxy and 90% of the Intersection Zone has or has had some kind of Shango presence as of NA 1500.



Spaceplanes are contructed worlds within the Qareen Confederacy. Unlike the Shango’s Darkworlds, they are not necessarily designed for maximum space and surface area, nor do they tend to be customised to function. Instead, they are frequently used as general but editable spaces for living and working. They consist of a transparent sphere, with a disc-shaped mass of constructed land stretching across the diameter. Either side of the disc is a circular track where two opposing spotlights of varying luminosity and heat intensity acting as an effective sun and moon.

Spaceplanes are usually named numerically, and due to the Qareen’s less centralised government, few stand out as particularly significant amongst the Qareen Confederacy. The capital is designated Spaceplane no. 114,099.


The differences between Spaceplane and planet-dwelling Qareen are less than that of the Darkworld and planet-dwelling Shango, and arguably reversed; the Spaceplanes are effectively gated communities, away from the hustle and bustle of planets, and often populated by the most priveleged in the Confederacy.


The Qareen have numerous languages and dialects, but all have certain similarities.

The Qareen family of languages is overwhelmingly written in pictogram form, although the uniformity and consistency of these pictograms differ. In some languages, certain lines and patterns are mere protocol; in the same way that the non-word “kizping” can be made from the letters k, i, z, p, n and g, so neologisms can easily be formed from certain patterns combined. In other languages, the pictograms form a strict grid; in others, they do not, but form strict rows or columns. Finally, and quite commonly, there are languages whose form on the paper or screen have significance; words and sentences can branch out tangentially from others or sprout from the centre to give added meaning. In many of these languages, an extra dimension to the message can be provided both figuratively and literally if it is transmitted holographically.

Generally, Qareen languages are rarely spoken, per se, and indeed, speaking aloud often carries connotations of secrecy, intimacy or excessive honesty in most Qareen societies. When spoken, they are similar to human languages in that they have recognisable syllables, although hums and various unpronouncable sounds also play a part.

When not spoken, language is instead signalled. The Qareen have the capability for a limited sort of telepathy, derived from integrated biotech (which has subsequently, over numerous generations, effectively become part of the Qareen genome) which can usually be utilised in order to communicate from up to around a kilometre away. Words are usually communicated, but said technology allows for abstract images and feelings to be sent; said abstractions are only useful, however, if they can be fully understood by the recipient.



The Qareen military is somewhat less centrally organised than its Shango counterpart, and has been in a state of flux since the Intersection Wars, not least due to the events that transpired then. Being overwhelmingly non-planet based, and preferring to simply construct territory than take it, the Qareen military is overwhelmingly titled towards ships and interstellar combat, although the exact composition depends on the type (i.e. planet, Spaceplane, other) and location (i.e. Intersection Zone or back of the galaxy) of the population source from which a given unit is based.

Ship Names

Qareen ships are always named exclusively. Given that the Confederacy possesses millions of ships, this usually results in multiple names, often implying different imagery, e.g. Orchestral Sky/Unvector. That said, whether warships or civilian craft, it is rare for the Confederacy to apply a name that actually denotes the exact nature of the craft; indeed, a relatively whimsical name can easily denote a warship, and an aggressive, severe sounding craft can easily be civilian.


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