Full name: Dharan Republic
Size: a known hegemon across the Virgo Supercluster, with a presence in every galaxy in the region. Some 1,000 colonies are suspected across NGC4038/9, although Dharan activity in the galaxy is relatively low.


Very little is known about the Dharan Republic by either the Shango or the Qareen, and outside of this core knowledge lies plenty in terms of speculation and rumour. It is alleged, for instance, that the Dharans have no government at all, although there is some evidence to refute this. The best theory suggests that the Dharans’ political nexus is outside the galaxies, in a more remote, spiral galaxy somewhere across the Virgo Supercluster.

Even outside of government issues, however, the Dharans have rarely agreed to make contact with other civilisations. What contact there has been, however, has made it clear that the Dharans have mastered technology far beyond even the Shango and Qareen. They are, for instance, capable of intergalactic travel in a matter of days rather than years.


The Qareen and Shango both know of only one Dharan language, and those who have examined it have found it to be surprisingly primitive in comparison to their own languages. The language is essentially a single-voice, word-based language not entirely similar to the kind of construction found in Indo-European languages.


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