What are these?
These are stories that, for whatever reason, are not designed to stand alone on the main blog. A trial run of sorts already exists on the main blog, in the form of the Bhoot Trilogy, but in these stories, the overriding themes should be closer than in that example. Whilst there may not necessarily be an overriding story arc in a given series, there should nonetheless be a driving issue or theme that runs strongly through each story. Put simply, if they were on the main blog, they’d be tagged with “society”, or “religion”, or “technology”. Due to the author’s general desire for categorical neatness (the main blog only needs ten categories in two broad meta-categories of people and time), they wind up on pages instead.

Note that just because there is a story arc, and the series runs to 40,000 words or more, I don’t regard said story as a novella or novel, just a series of short stories. It’s like how three TV episodes stitched together don’t make a film (although they can, and significant adjustment here could probably do the same thing. But I’m not interesting in that).

Current Ongoing Series:

Finished Series:
(none to date)


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