What is this?
Well, this specifically is a page for structuring a separate section. The section, however, is a section for novelettes.

The novelettes are for those times when what’s at stake is too big for a mere blog story, or if the story simply requires a bigger canvas. The Nebula Awards state that a novelette is a piece of fiction between 7,500 and 17,500 words, but for this section, I’m defining it as between 6,000 words (i.e. longer than “Vexing”, the longest piece on the main blog at the time of writing) and that 17,500 upper limit, which in printed form would come to about 50 pages. Novelettes posted in this section will typically appear in parts of 6,000 words or less.

Note that these are not novellas, which are longer still, nor are they novels, which are the eventual aim of this blog but are, at the very least, years away. There’s no schedule for them, but the first novelette due is Burning Chalice of Deceit, which is due on January 1st.


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