Full Name: Representative People’s Democratic Social Republic of the Bhoot People.
Size: four planets in three star systems; Glory (in A10B06 system [Qareen name]), Power (capital, in A10B11 system), Destiny and Progress (both in A12781 system).


Given that the only other interstellar civilisations in their galaxy are the Dharans, who have a minimal presence, and the Qareen, little was known about the Bhoot until several thousand (Earth) years after the Intersection Wars. It is known that the Bhoot contributed somewhat towards those wars, but then since retreated into isolation.

An investigation into the Bhoot’s society, however, revealed an interesting yet sinister construction. The Bhoot Republic is ostensibly a democracy that guarantees freedom of speech, but it is also a place with highly draconian restrictions on rights of assembly and association, as well as on certain kinds of property, especially transport and telecommunications devices. Combined with heavily interconnected elite groups and a lack of ideological variation in government, this produces a very oppressive society, apparently without any real conspiracy.


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