Full name: Cosmic Charter Republic of Stoppan
Size: some three hundred planets in around two hundred star systems.


The Stoppan are most likely not a post-scarcity society, although they are probably close to becoming one. Nonetheless, business and trade is still necessary, and therefore, government is larger as a consequence, requiring such departments as a Treasury to monitor fiscal and economic policy.


The Stoppan military is not thought to be particularly large, and primarily consists of planetary defence. This may in part be motivated by their relative situation in the galaxy; their knowledge of the Shango Federation and their recent discovery of the Dharan Republic potentially render a military redundant, as both civilisations are orders of magnitude more powerful.

Ship Names

Stoppan military ships tend to have multiple names, and the one outwardly given is usually the one voted for by the crew. For example, Vehicular Array for a Spring Day (39) would not be the only name for the ship in question, but merely the one that acquired 39 (and hence the most) votes.


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